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If there’s anything you would like to say about my individual posts, it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment on the posts themselves. :)

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2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Chalice says:

    Great! I’m a vegan anime freak myself! keep up the good work! ^_^

    you know, one thing that really struck me when watching Naruto was that at the very beginning when Naruto goes on his mission in the Land of Waves, he throws a kunai at a bush and only finds a very scared rabbit. And he’s such a sweetheart that he apologizes to it and hugs it! it shows that even if you are supposed to be a tough ninja, you should be kind to animals. And also the depiction of Tonton, an unusual pet and one depicted with clear sentience. I just wish Kishimoto would bring out more on this than showing people participating in barbecue meals, even Naruto, which is inconsistent with his unique kindness.

    I also mused about Edward and Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist when they were left on an island and had to find food. They were horrified about killing animals and showed sympathy. I was so disappointed when they went through with it- again contradictory to their goodness and “I will do the right thing no matter what” attitude.

    Anyways, just my thoughts (Not sure if you’ve covered these since I just discovered your blog and just read a couple of posts).

    Keep up the good work!

    • Yingchen says:

      Thanks so much! Good to see someone like me too ^^

      Definitely, there will always be reverberations of kindness towards animals in most animes – especially cats and dogs – since this is something that society already values. Most of us do believe that animals have feelings and shouldn’t be subjected to cruelty. It’s just that… well… somehow when it comes to the production of goods, especially food, there’s this massive disconnect. Unfortunately, most animes reflect this unquestioningly as well. Or even if they do question it, like in the scene in FMA, they quickly conclude that killing animals is necessary for our survival, therefore it’s ok (yet few animes would depict eating dogs or cats out of necessity).

      The good news is that for us vegans, at least anime gives us the reassurance that the paradigm that animals have feelings is there. The question is how to get people to apply it to animals involved in the production of goods.

      Tonton is not such a good example, I think, because she’s very anthropomorphised. Even if someone were to agree that Tonton shouldn’t be eaten, it could be because Tonton is more intelligent and affective than your average pig, and not that pigs are sentient.

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